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Reserving a Date

Arrangements must be scheduled with the church secretary so that your date will not conflict with other activities and events. Weddings may be schedule earlier, but the date must be least 90 days prior to desired date of wedding. A person wishing to reserve the church must do so in person, with the church secretary, and in the church office. The date for the wedding and rehearsals are reserved upon receipt of a non-refundable reservation fee (non-member).  No reservation may be made by a third person.

Note: Before a date can be reserved, either the bride or groom must be verified as a member of Greater Archview Baptist Church.

When to Reserve a Date

For a wedding in:                                         Reserve the date in:

January                                                          October 

February                                                        November

March                                                             December

April                                                                January

May                                                                 February

June                                                               March

July                                                                 April

August                                                           May

September                                                    June

October                                                          July

November                                                     August

December                                                     September


Fees Required Reserving a Date

A non-refundable reservation fee is dependent on membership status and will be applied to the total rental cost.


The reservation fee must be paid unless it is 90 days before the wedding. If it is 90 days before the wedding, half (1/2) of the total fee must be paid. It is at the time a date will be given, confirmed, and entered on the calendar. This at the time a date will be given, confirmed, and entered on the calendar.


This is a deposit and is non- refundable, (along with any other fees paid).

Fees charges are adopted by, and for, Greater Archview Baptist Church in accordance with its needs and expenditures. The fees are to cover the use of the church, expenses related to the operation of the wedding, security, sound system operator, furniture arrangement, church clean-up, and pastor or pastor designee.


Fees only apply to the listed service. They do not cover ministers not on GABC staff, musicians, singers, florists, decorators, photographers, videographers, caterers, and wedding coordinators.


Fees and charges for these services are contracted independently, negotiated with appropriate persons/ vendors, and is your responsibility.


Procedures to Follow before Reserving a Date

Wedding Time:  Weddings time will be based on availability of church. An on-time start is expected for all weddings. Weddings cannot be delayed for late or absent participants.

                                                            GABC Member         Non-Member

Wedding Only                                   Free                            $300.00 / Sanctuary

                                                            Free                            $100.00 / Chapel

Fellowship Hall                                Free                            $200.00

Sound            System/Engineer                Free                            $50.00

Maintenance/Cleaning                   Free                            $100.00

We suggest remaining balances be paid at intervals to allow for financial ease.  All remaining fees must be paid in full thirty (30) days prior to wedding.  If the remaining balance is paid after the 30 days, only a cashier’s check or money order will be accepted. 

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