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Evangelism Ministry: Designed to train members of the church to share their faith with others, and to reach communities using various resources, ideas, and techniques. Some techniques include but not limited to, campaigns, thematic focuses, traditional teaching and other changing methods to effectively communicate the love of Christ to the unsaved. This ministry consists of Personal Evangelism, Church Evangelism, Corporate Evangelism and Outreach. Out of all gifts that one can give, the gift of salvation is by far the greatest.

This ministry was established to facilitate the fulfillment of the Great Commission as stated in Matthew 28:18-20. Greater Archview Baptist Church is living up to its call to be spiritual, by helping meet the needs of those in our community. When we are effective, we essentially create an open door that allows us to spread the good news about Jesus Christ.


This ministry seeks to meet the needs of people in our church and the local community by supplying evangelism training and establishing Christian outreach. 

Our mission is to win the lost and make disciples, equipping them to do the work of ministry and to bear much fruit, so that the Great Commission, God’s program for the church, is accomplished throughout the nation and the world with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 

We strive to touch lives by sharing the Gospel through Bible study, prayer, stewardship, community involvement, fellowship and action. We make ourselves available to the Church and those in need. We are a dedicated group that exists to meet the spiritual, physical and financial needs of all sisters and brothers in the church and the community, nationally and internationally.