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Greater Archview Baptist Church

Jerusalem Baptist Church, 1881 - 1947

In 1881, fifteen followers of Christ, under the leadership of Reverend Frank White, founded Jerusalem Baptist Church at Eighth and Broadway Streets in Little Rock, Arkansas. Bro. John L Battles, Bro. Sherman Wells, Bro. Elijah Anderson, Bro Tom Philips and Bro. Isaiah Anderson were the deacons organizing Jerusalem Baptist Church with the help of Reverend Verge Bennett, at that time an active minister.

In 1889, the Jerusalem Baptist church moved to 11th and Park Streets in Little Rock, Arkansas and remained at that location in a frame building for three years until 1892 when Jerusalem Baptist Church moved to a newly built church at Wright Avenue and High Streets.

Five years later, the church burned. The Congregation relocated the church to an old store at 17th and Izard streets in 1897. In 1902, Jerusalem Baptist Church moved to 11th and Arch Streets, where the first church parsonage was built.

At the new site, the name was changed to Arch Street Baptist Church in 1902. Shortly after the construction of the frame church building, Rev. White resigned and moved to Oklahoma for health reasons.

Ministers that followed included Reverend George Cafey, Rev. Norphlete, Rev. McDade and Rev, Sim Ladelle, under whose leadership the church was paid out of debt for the first time. Later, this frame building was torn down and a stone one was built. This structure was erected in 1927 under the direction of Rev. T.M. Chambers, Sr.

Greater Arch Street Baptist Church, 1947 - 1967

The church was renamed The Greater Arch Street Baptist Church in 1947 and Rev. T.M. Chambers, Jr. was called to the Pastorate. Rev. Chambers was succeeded by Pastor, Dr Marine Webb Williams in 1954. Under the leadership of Dr. Williams the church experienced great numerical growth.

Greater Archview Baptist Church, 1967 - 2012

The church was renamed Greater Archview Baptist church in 1967 and relocated to 1720 West 23rd Street. In 1973 Greater Archview Baptist Church held a mortgage burning ceremony. Dr. Marine Webb Williams retired in 1997 after forty-five (45) years of service to Greater Archview Baptist Church. In 1998, Greater Archview Baptist Church called Rev. James W. Reynolds, Sr. as pastor who served until 2004, under his administration, several new ministries were organized. On June 12, 2005 Greater Archview elected Dr. G.E. McElroy as Senior Pastor, who served until 2012. 

Greater Archview Baptist Church 2014 - Present 

In April 2014 Greater Archview Baptist Church called Kenneth R. Martin as Senior Pastor. Who established the motto "Experiencing The Transformation Of God". Pastor Martin  places special emphasis on developing your personal relationship with God.

Our history is still unfolding.

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